"Cowboy" Will Writers

Crackdown on Cowboy Will Writers

The announcement that the Legal Services Board (LSB) is to step up its investigation into unscrupulous will writers is to be welcomed.

There is a staggering lack of knowledge about the will writing industry, with one survey revealing that 67% of people wrongly believe they must be written by a solicitor.  The reality is somewhat different, with badly drafted wills and high pressure doorstep selling techniques by unregulated operators rife.  According to the LSB, which regulates lawyers in England and Wales, one will writing company even named itself as executor of a client’s will and included a £5,000 gift to itself.

In the light of a continuing rise in the number of complaints , the LSB is conducting a ‘mystery shopping’ exercise to find out what kind of service customers get from will writing companies.  Its findings will be published in July.

There has been an explosion in the number of rogue will writing companies in recent years, providing often vulnerable people with unenforceable wills while charging for legal serices they are not trained or regulated to provide.  A poorly drafted will can add to the family’s grief at what is always a difficult time.  The LSB is right to shine a light on these unscrupulous operators and hopefully help to bring an end to the misery they inflict on often vulnerable members of the public.