The Danger of DIY Wills

The Dangers Of DIY Wills For The Unwary
The growing trend towards people writing their own wills is a worrying one, and although it is entirely possible to apply for probate and make a will without seeing a professionally-qualified lawyer, this is not without risks.
For example, there have been a growing number of cases of people being hit with unexpected inheritance tax, or having legal disputes over a will, because professional advice hasn’t been sought.
People aren’t always aware of the complexities of writing a will and can assume wills and probate work are really straightforward. Often, this simply isn’t the case.
There has also been a growing number of people seeking advice after a will has been made because they have made a mistake or find the paperwork too tricky.
When writing a will it is important to make sure that specialist legal advice is taken from a reputable firm which specialises in wills and probate law.
For a relatively small, one-off fee, professionally –drafted wills can help people save significant amounts of money on things like inheritance tax. They can also help those who inherit avoid paying care fees, and will reduce the likelihood of potential disputes arising. So when it comes to DIY wills, the risk is not worth taking.