Where there's a will

Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Where there ’s a will…

 A NATIONAL register was being launched today to tackle the problem of wills found to be missing or damaged when a per­son dies. An estimated one in four wills is found to be lost or damaged on the death of the author — sometimes by relatives hoping for a larger share of the inheritance.

Some European coun­tries have official.systems which allow people to store their wills in a safe place and record the details on a national reg­ister. A UK company has been set up to offer a sim­ilar online service to reg­ister, locate and retrieve wills.

Liverpool-based thewillplace.com will issue a certificate and two credit card-style registration cards — one to be held by the wiH author and one by their next-of-kin — show­ing a unique account number and contact details for thewillplace. com
Will professionals who register with the service can then, on production of a death certificate, search thewillplace.com database to retrieve the will details.

The firm's director, Geoffrey Prince, said: "Our system is secure, so only registered, autho­rised professionals can access information."