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Liverpool Daily Post and Echo                        July 19th, 2006

Solution to wills problem

A NATIONAL register has been launched by a North Wales businessman to tackle the problem of wills found to be missing or damaged when a person dies.
An estimated one in four wills is found to be lost or damaged on the death of the author.

Some European countries have official systems which allow people to store their wills in a safe place and record the details on a national register.
A UK company has been set up to offer a similar online service to register, locate and retrieve mils.

The company, thewillplace.com, will issue a certificate and two credit card-style registration cards - one to be held by the will author and one by their next-of-kin - showing a unique account number and contact details for thewiliplace.com.

One of those behind the scheme, Flintshire businessman Phil Hall, says the service will solve many of the problems associated with lost and damaged wills.
Mr Hall said: "Our system is secure, so only authorised professionals can access information."