Where there's a will...

Liverpool ECHO                                                   

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where there's a
Will there's a way
to register...

THE first UK national wills register has been set up in Merseyside.
The register, called thewillplace.com, offers a nationwide will registration, location and retrieval service.
It allows people to register the whereabouts of their wills and enables lawyers to search for missing wills.
The website has been launched in response to statistics which show that one in four wills is either lost or damaged, sometimes leading to legal costs, tax disputes and family distress.

It has been set up by Merseyside-based solicitor Paul Rooney, accountant Phil Hall and marketing executive Geoffrey Prince.
thewillplace.com also provides secure will storage facilities and a will-writing service, as well as a forensic will-finding service for probate professionals.
Mr Hall said: "In some European countries, such databases are set up and managed by the government. The UK has nothing like this, so we're confident what we're doing fills a gap in the market."

Members of the public who register with thewiflplace.com will be issued with a certificate and two credit card-style registration cards -one to be held by themselves and one by their next-of-kin -showing a unique account number and thewillplace.com's .contact details.
Will professionals who register with thewillplace.com can then, on production of a death certificate, search at thewillplace.com's database and retrieve the deceased's will details.
Only registered, authorised professionals can access the site.
Log on to
www.thewillplace.com or call freephone 0800 032 4557