WillFinder are looking for affiliates to join our team, could you be one of them?

Are you:

  • A will writer?
  • An independent financial adviser?
  • A mortgage broker?
  • An accountant?

Do you have a:

  • A database of clients?
  • Regular contact with them?
  • Do you know if their Will is up to date?

Would you like to add value to your clients and earn commission?

As a Will Writer we can help you by providing qualified leads for will writing.

As an IFA we can help you earn a percentage of our client's registration fee.

As a Mortgage Broker you have the opportunity to receive commission when any of your clients have their will written and registered with us.

As an Accountant you can receive a commission by introducing to your clients, for the purpose of writing business wills and registering them with us.

As a Solicitor you can earn a commission by introducing to clients, to register their wills with us. Of course when you write to your clients you will obviously bring them up to date with the other services you are offering at the same time.

If you would like to receive more information on how to earn commission please cotact us via the form below.

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