Most people look at a proposed new rule, work out how it’s going to affect the team they support, then decide whether or not it’s a good thing. I maintain that the current Respect rules are pretty much neutral for most high level – sometimes you’ll be on the receiving end (as United were against ), others you’ll benefit. The main way it will currently influence the games you or I watch on TV will be an additional level of regulation and therefore controversy once in a while. But look deeper.

38′ Good buildup by Liverpool as they pass it around on the edge of the box and Keane gets a shot opportunity in the box. He loses his footing and the ball goes to Riera. Riera then makes a move in the box and goes down. Ref blows the whistle. Is a penalty? No! Riera gets booked for diving in the box. On the replay, it looks like he tripped over his defender’s foot.

This season’s Champions League sees making their Champions League debut, while 2009 winners are in the knockout stages for the first time. haven’t beaten in their last three meetings and lost to them in the quarter finals last season, haven’t beaten since god knows when and lost to them at the same stage last season and last year’s finalists, and Bayern, go into their second-round matchup with both teams suffering a downturn in their domestic fortunes this season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns are chasing the Ravens and all three will also begin organized workouts soon. All four teams have undergone change this offseason with some familiar faces in new places. Here is a look at the offseason schedule for the AFC North.

Want more? You’ll need to tap for that – we’re just happy knowing that she went to high school and knows that she has to make the most of her time as uber-WAG by sunning herself at the beach / poolside every chance she gets:

Asked about which country he’d prefer to play for his answer is an expected one given that he’s got two great football nations to choose from: “I wouldn’t mind which one I played for if I was ever picked, but if it came down to a decision between the two I think I would pick seeing as I was born here.”

He would definitely consider a move outside of . That is not the issue. What matters is it is a club that matches his ambition and his level and there are only five or six around .

Incidentally Barcelona set a new La Liga record by tallying up 93 points following the win on Tuesday which overtook Real Madrid¡¯s tally of 92 set by ¡¯s side thirteen years ago.

The current method which is being proposed will simply stop foreign players from using certain words around the English game in a similar way that Luis Suarez called Patrice Evra a racial term last season which is accepted in parts of where Suarez comes from.