Will Storage

Owning a licence offers you an exciting profitable and highly rewarding business in a fast expanding new market. Today we live in a complex society where estate planning becomes a necessity and not a luxury. The demands on our time and the complex requirements of taxation and particularly Inheritance Tax make it vital we make provision for tax planning.

As part of that planning we must write a Will; but the planning does not end with writing a Will. We must look to the future and the needs of our loved ones by registering the location of that Will ensuring it does not go missing or get accidentally destroyed. was established in 2005 to meet the need of Will registration. Based on a successful format we will be allowing 94 licensees to share in our success across the Untied Kingdom offering a professional service second to none, each with a guaranteed protected area. offers:

  • Will Registration
  • Will Storage
  • Will Professional Registration
  • Will Search
  • Will Writing
  • Inheritance and Tax planning

Also additional services for Will professionals:

  • Incentive scheme to Will professionals for Will Registration
  • 24 / 7 access to our secure Will Registration database
  • Will retrieval service
  • Will introductions
  • Access to our unique country-wide solicitor email service
  • Access to our unique country-wide bank email service
  • Access to our unique country-wide financial institutions email service

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