Will Register & Will Registration


Introduction to Will Registration

Our Will Register and Will Registration service have been developed to resolve the stress and trauma that comes when a Will is discovered to be lost or missing.
For a single registration fee of £20.00 you can register your will and amend its location as frequently as you wish. Once you have registered your will with thewillplace.com you will be provided with a certificate, personal identification number and also two credit cards sized identity cards.

This will help to inform people that the location of your will is stored with thewillplace.com, together with the secure process they need to go through to receive the Will.
As a team of professionals we have experienced several distressing scenes with clients who have found themselves in this position. Having been approached by the deceased's family - to administer the estate - what is a stressful time becomes even worse when the deceased Will cannot be found.

The family are certain the deceased made a Will, but despite searches it remains lost. Even after extensive correspondence, by the solicitor, with banks, building societies and other institutions; after the placing of advertisements in newspapers and the law society gazette, the Will still remains lost.

In those very unfortunate circumstances, it may be that there is no alternative but to apply on an intestacy basis for probate - i.e. as if the deceased had not made a will. Although stressful enough when this happens, it could be made worse by tax implications, depending on the value of the estate.

To Register your Will with us will help alleviate these problems.

Will data information - such as name, address, postcode, date of birth, national insurance number, date and location of will - are stored on a dedicated and secure database. Members of the public can make a background search, which will only reveal whether we hold data on a named individual. If such data is stored by us, they will then be referred to a will professional, who can retrieve the data. This system has been devised to provide additional security for the information stored.

The Site

thewillplace.com data information system is also an extremely helpful tool for professionals. By means of individual passwords, they will be able to access the site to find your details, including the location of your will. Once your details are registered, a certificate will be issued to you with a personalised number. In addition, plastic identity cards - with our name and contact details on - will also be issued. These cards can be easily stored in a pocket or purse. Please be assured that will data information will only ever be released to will-professionals upon production of the appropriate evidence i.e. Death Certificate.

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