Will Storage

Will Storage

There is no formal requirement as to where a Will should be stored but obviously you should keep it in a safe place, such as a bank, solicitor or with a reputable storage company, as long as it is accessible.

It is not advisable to keep your Will in a safety deposit box because after your death your executors will not be able to open that box without obtaining a court order.

Having taken the important step of writing your Will you may be wondering “where shall I keep it?” We, at the willplace.com offer you security in Fire Proof storage facilities as well as electronic scanning and secure back up on-site as well as off-site.

Please remember your Will is invalid if lost or defaced or tampered with in any way. As a legal document it is important that you keep it safe and accessible for you and you’re Executors.

Our Will storage facilities are compliant with B.S.5454 for the storage of all important documents. Our storage facility can also be used for other important documents such as life policies, share certificate etc.

When we store you Will with thewillplace.com we automatically register your Will. This means when registered, you are provided with a Will Storage Certificate which you would place with your other important papers in a place of safety. Will Registration means that you will be provided with two “credit card” size plastic cards which you would place in your purse or wallet.

Both the certificate and the plastic cards confirm the fact that the original Will is stored with thewillplace.com. This will ensure that in the unfortunate case of a death the original will can easily be traced and located by either your Solicitor or Executor.

Benefits of our service

• Secure location.
• Electronic back-up.
• Identification storage cards.
• Regular reviews and updates.
• Problem free access
• Peace of mind.

A safe and reliable service for £20.00 per annum, or £30.00 for 2 years.

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